Our mixed animal practice is approximately 50% large animal and 50% small. We strive to practice high quality patient and client care in our well equipped facilities. Our clinics in Ogallala and Julesburg oversee approximately 50,000 beef cows and provide services for a 14,000 head dairy heifer development.


We have a well-respected equine practice.


Bovine work includes but is not limited to: breeding soundess exams, pregnancy diagnosis, obstetrical work, urogenital surgery, podietry, AI and expanding to include embryo transfer and flushing.


Our clinic offers equine colic surgery, AI, small animal orthopedic surgery, In-house EIA Lab, and in-house diagnostics. 


The Animal Clinic and Pharmacy is looking for motivated individuals to join our team.
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Our team is made up of four full time veterinarians, four licensed technicians & various support staff across our two clinics in Ogallala, NE and Julesburg, CO.

Facilities: Newly renovated building, vehicle, vetbox, digital x-ray, endoscope, in house lab equipment (CBC,CHEM, UA, T4) small & large animal ultrasound, shockwave, PRP, and IRAP processing capabilities. Equine surgical table. Portable hydraulic Parasal chute with awning, hydraulic rollover chute, obstetrical headcatch/chute, heated and cooled hospital barns. Attached equine facility. 



A little bit of paradise, right here in Nebraska. Ogallala is the proud home of Lake McConaughy, a treasure that brings folks from all over to enjoy the serenity of the white sand beaches and the brilliant blue sky of Nebraska. Add great fishing, hunting, water sports, bird watching, and plenty of crystal clear water…paradise!

Nearly everything about Lake McConaughy is big! Its 30,500 surface acres makes it Nebraska’s largest reservoir withover 100 miles of shore line. At full storage, the lake is 22 miles long, four miles wide, and 142 feet deep at the dam. The dam is among the largest of its type in the word, and the fish grow to trophy proportions, accounting for several state records. Even its nickname, “Big Mac” reflects its giant stature. The lake is a mecca for sailboard and board sailing enthusiasts, as well as fishermen and campers. Concessionaires around the lake offer restaurants, lodging, board rentals, convenience/grocery stores, horseback riding, guide services, jet ski rentals, scuba diving, parasailing, and RV campgrounds.

There is no better place to live, work and play than in the rural community of Ogallala and Lake McConaughy.

Ogallala, NE, located in Keith County, has a population of 4,700 and is nestled in the corner of the Sandhills of NE. We are 9 miles from Lake McConaughy with its sandy beaches, plenty of sunshine and water. The area is known for its outdoor summer recreation and all kinds of hunting and fishing. We are just a short 3 hour drive from the Rocky Mountains and Denver.  

Ogallala is a wonderful place to live, work, and play!  People of all ages and backgrounds are drawn to the Ogallala area because of the excellent quality of life found here.  Ogallala has many things to offer; superior health care, a forward-thinking school system, low crime rate, endless recreational opportunities, a quiet and friendly environment, an inviting business atmosphere, a vast agricultural community, and a rich old-west history.